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We deliver the right test, in the right place, with the right result!

We offer remote laboratory diagnostic services for the most varied segments of the health ecosystem, providing innovative technologies, support, training, quality control and remote report for point of care laboratory tests, also known in Brazil as TLR; remote laboratory test described in RDC 302/2005.

We are transforming the health ecosystem, bringing the patient to the care center, tests that took hours or even a few days, now with our service, are released in a few minutes, with the same quality of the trials of traditional laboratories.
We are a laboratory governed by standards, procedures and structured processes, with strict quality management system.


We work with state-of-the-art equipment that delivers results equivalent to traditional methods


We provide high-quality POC laboratory diagnostic solutions certified by renowned proficiency tests


We care about the performance and efficiency of our solutions to provide our customers with the most modern but also viable for healthcare institutions.


We have a rigorous quality process for incorporating new technologies and managing the installed base of our customers.


Our team is dedicated daily to generating value for your patient, our constant question is: how can we impact our client's client?


We simplify the patient journey through our POC laboratory diagnostic solutions, we are subject matter experts and offer the complete end-to-end solution.

The Laboratory

We believe that only through the standardization of quality processes, connectivity and technical-scientific support will it be possible to disseminate the point of care tests in Brazil, we guarantee all screening of the tests, even at a distance, in any city in the country.


All our tests have internal and external quality validation according to RDC 302/2005. Controllab Certified Proficiency Essay. Online monitoring of the installed base. Training and certification of equipment users


Our entire installed equipment base stays online 24/7. We can not only report the tests performed, but also block equipment, check quality controls and manage users remotely.


0800 for discussion of cases with the team of analysts.

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  • Alameda Terracota, 250 Conj 1503/1504 

  • São Caetano do Sul - SP
    Cerâmica, CEP 09531-190

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