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The pillars of technological evolution of biological sample analyzers focused on clinical analysis laboratories have always been focused on high demand, innovation in analytical methodology and random designer, that is, total focus on large health institutions, the more tests they perform, the lower the costs and optimization of equipment, professionals and structure.

The small-volume health unit always depended on another institution to obtain laboratory test results until the in vitro diagnostic industry realized a pent-up but representative demand in the health ecosystem.

Then came the first point of care equipment, from English, point of care, some countries like the USA have been present in health institutions for almost 20 years.

These instruments are small, often portable easy to handle by health professionals, are able to perform the same laboratory tests of traditional equipment but simply and quickly, at the bedside, close to the patient. Remembering that in this case, they process few samples per hour, unlike traditional equipment.

When comparing the release time of the tests, it becomes evident the benefit of implementing services with point of care tests: tests processed within the laboratory take 2 hours to be ready due to the complexity of sample processing, while in point of care take 2 to 15 minutes on average.

In many health institutions, the samples still need to be transported to the laboratory, which greatly increases the waiting time, which can reach 12 hours or even a few days, generating patient dissatisfaction, busy bed awaiting medical conduct, indirect costs and especially low operational efficiency.


We deliver customized projects according to the needs of each health institution, always focusing on the patient and the experience he should experience when using our remote laboratory diagnostic solutions.

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