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We deliver the right test to the right place with the right result!

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The service provided by Labpoc ensures that within minutes you experience all the stages of taking an exam.

We ensure reliability in the execution of tests and reports thanks to a multidisciplinary team with highly qualified professionals who understand their pain and dedicate themselves daily to treat it.

We plan each step in detail, thinking about all the processes involved in conducting an exam, which goes far beyond acquiring equipment.

It is necessary to seek innovations in the market, to have reliable equipment that will pass safety to the professional responsible for performing the analysis; understanding what our customers' needs are is an extremely important step in our process; the continuous training of our professionals so that they can with excellence transmit all the knowledge acquired and assist in the practice of the service. With the guarantee of quality of the execution of all this service we can confidently deliver to our client highly reliable tests, according to their needs, thanks to the Point Of Care service that allows to achieve all the needs of customers, those ranging from a routine laboratory test, to an ICU bed or even regions of difficult access, with the commitment that the designated professional will leave his care only after the patient receives his/her report, which was duly checked and signed by a qualified biomedical doctor who guarantees the confidence and veracity of its result.

And best of all, all in 15 minutes!


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  • Alameda Terracota, 250 Conj 1503/1504 

  • São Caetano do Sul - SP
    Cerâmica, CEP 09531-190

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